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Salon of Italian furniture

We are glad to greet you on our company page. The furniture we represent goes beyond the usual attributes of the interior. It is a symbol of eternal beauty, unsurpassed quality and the best traditions. In our salon you will undoubtedly find your dream, your ideal of exceptional comfort.

Dmitriy Korotchuk, the head of the Centre of Italian furniture Antonovych Home and Svetlana Antonovich, furniture designer


Antonovych Home Center of Italian furniture in Astana is a department of Antonovych group which deals with supply and sale of Italian furniture and is one of the leaders on the elite furniture market.

Dmitriy Korotchuk is manager of Antonovych Home.

Multi-brand center allows to feel the atmosphere of MADE IN ITALY, to plunge into the real luxury and comfort, to see interiors with emotions and character of luxury.

Several zones of our showroom, differently designed, demonstrate whole interior projects, not just separate pieces of furniture, chandeliers, accessories. Expositions are built so that to reveal the possibilities of such Italian furniture brands as Bronin Oseo, Carpanese Home, Arredamenti, Pregno, SAT, SILIK. This is largely the merit of the designer of the Center — Svetlana Antonovich.

With a team of professionals we work with Italian family ateliers-manufacturers of furniture, the keepers of the unique technology and design.

All of our partners have an impeccable reputation. We did not seek to gather in one place all the brands available in the market of Italian furniture, but we wanted to offer our customers interesting solutions for designing spaces, reflecting the key interior ideas with furniture, which will allow to choose the most appropriate stylistic scenario from classic, art deco to modern.

Our installations showcase the latest trendy collections of Italian furniture shown at the world exhibition in Milan.

Each location has its own identity, staying true to the DNA and philosophy of Italian brands. We take a holistic approach to the question of interior arrangement. You can entrust us with the development of interior design and arrangement of any premises: apartments, private houses, luxury cottages, office space.

Showroom offers clients the best Italian furniture brands in interior locations: furniture and light, classic and art deco, handmade and exquisite decor!

Antonovych Home, as a flagship of furniture business, is rightfully acts as a symbol of trendy Italian furniture brands in Astana and gives lovers of fine furniture exclusivity, quality, perfection and positive emotions.